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About Newton Becker


A passionate educator and entrepreneur, visionary environmental investor, and philanthropist, Newt Becker made an indelible mark in business, across America’s Jewish communities, and on the State of Israel. 

Newt was the founder and president of the Becker CPA Review Course, which he built into the largest course of its kind in the world, preparing half of America’s CPAs for the CPA exam.
Newt foresaw the difficulties, both politically and environmentally, in relying on imported oil for America’s energy needs and became a pioneer during the 1980s in the field of solar power. As the chairman and founding investor of Luz International — for many years the leading developer of solar energy electrical plants — Newt took his passionate leadership of the solar industry all the way to the halls of Congress, arguing for tax benefits that would allow renewable energy to be competitive with fossil fuels.

Newton Becker

Left: Newt in the early years of the Becker CPA Review Course.  Middle: Newt speaking at the opening of the first Luz solar energy field (1985).


He saw up close the ugly face of anti-Semitism as a young man growing up in Cleveland, Ohio – and as a teenager, lived through the darkest chapter of Jewish history and the murder of some of his own relatives in the Holocaust. Informed by this firsthand knowledge of anti-Semitism’s dangers, Newt held a deep belief in the necessity of a Jewish state to ensure the Jewish future.
He became a leading supporter and advocate for Israel and other Jewish causes, using his considerable talents and boundless energy to cultivate, mentor, and grow a range of organizations and social entrepreneurs that have become globally recognized leaders in the field today.

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