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Our Priorities
Supporting Democratic Values

The Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust supports organizations that work to foster and protect the values that underlie democratic institutions and societies, such as freedom of speech, religion, and the press, free and fair elections, human rights, and an informed, educated citizenry.




Featured Grantees

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First Draft News

First Draft News (FDN) is a global non-profit that provides resources and support to those working to improve the quality of our information environment. FDN develops and delivers pioneering techniques, tools and training for the media, communication professionals, educators, and members of the public. The organization works to protect communities from harmful misinformation and to empower society with the knowledge, understanding, and tools needed to outsmart false and misleading information. FDN is recognized internationally for its expertise and thought leadership on the challenges posed by information disorder.

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Politifact is an independent, non-partisan research organization that monitors the political speech of elected officials and campaigns to check for accuracy. They work to ensure that all politicians and candidates for office are held accountable by reporting on false or misleading statements.


Please Note: The Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust does not accept unsolicited applications.



Hacks/Hackers is a global movement focused on building solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms. As an international grassroots journalism organization, with dozens of chapters and thousands of members across four continents, Hacks/Hackers is on the front lines of combating misinformation through an innovative suite of programs. MisinfoCon, a project of Hacks/Hackers, is an international community of people who seek to inspire and inform each other to build the future of credible media. MisInfoCon brings together participants from different backgrounds to work on tools for fact checking and verification with the goal of strengthening the trustworthiness of information at every level of the media ecosystem.

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