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Our Approach

Newt Becker had a distinct, entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy that continues to drive the Becker Charitable Trust’s work today.

Strategic Investments

We invest strategically in under-addressed problems, searching for points of leverage where limited funds can make a big impact.

Ecosystems of Change

We build and nurture ecosystems of change. By supporting groups of aligned non-profit organizations and funders that can work together symbiotically, we see greater opportunities to make an impact and drive change.

Impact Investors

We are impact investors. We use the investment funds in our endowment to secure a financial return, while at the same time advancing our philanthropic mission. Newt Becker was an impact investor long before it was common, making investments to support the development of the solar energy industry and life-saving pharmaceutical research.  

Investing in Growth

We are not afraid to support startups and new projects, especially if they bring solutions for under-addressed problems. During his lifetime, Newt supported and mentored many non-profits from the concept stage through their growth into multimillion-dollar organizations. We continue this work, driven by the belief that emerging organizations can often fill a unique niche.

Information Technology

We believe in the power of information technology. Newt Becker drew on an intuitive understanding of the power of technology to build several major businesses and a range of prominent non-profit organizations. Similarly, our giving philosophy is rooted in a strong belief in the promise of information technology— and we look for initiatives and organizations that leverage 21st century tools in new and innovative ways.

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